Fellowships [Closed for new applications]

The Effective Institutions Project is a global working group that seeks out and incubates high-impact strategies to improve institutional decision-making around the world. We analyze how and in what ways institutions’ decisions influence people’s lives, study how key institutions currently make decisions, identify interventions that might cause those institutions to take actions that will lead to better global outcomes, and mobilize funding and talent to execute on the most promising interventions. Alongside this, we are building an interdisciplinary network of reformers to share insights, coordinate efforts, and steadily increase the odds of success over time.

Since EIP’s soft launch in December 2020, our team has published research identifying the world’s most important institutions, conducted a survey to refine the scope of our work and strategic positioning, and greatly expanded our expert network, adding several new advisors and holding meetings with dozens of scholars, reformers, former high-level officials, and grantmakers across a range of institutional contexts.

We are hiring full-time or part-time early career fellows to support our research, strategy, and field-building work from mid-September through mid-December (precise dates negotiable).

Exact duties will be assigned from week to week based on current needs and candidate interests and skills. Some of our priorities for this fall include:

  • Sourcing and vetting grant opportunities related to improving institutions
  • Conducting outreach to engage high-level experts in our institutional research
  • Improving EIP’s knowledge management and organizational learning systems
  • Monitoring and tracking important developments across key institutions and institutional research
  • Coordinating volunteers researching the decision-making environments at top institutions and literature related to improving institutions
  • Supporting main operational functions and helping establish new systems
  • Helping organize meetups, reading groups, and other community events

The baseline compensation for fellows is $15/hr; candidates with outstanding performance on work tests during the application process may be offered higher rates up to $30/hr. (We expect to have one short unpaid test for candidates who pass an initial screening and one longer paid exercise for finalist candidates.) Candidates may work remotely, and our goal is not to let nationality/citizenship be a barrier to collaborating with us.

To be considered, please submit an application no later than September 9, 11:59 ET.